8-10 Oct 2021

Cadet Competition Course

This course is designed to prepare members for the upcoming Wing Cadet Competition event that will happen within the next 5 months. Emphasis will be on commands, movements, protocol and, of course, proper uniform wear. Manual of Arms instruction will also be included. Tentative arrangements have been made with the Fairchild AFB Honor Guard Team to provide technical instruction and tips for the perfect presentation. Squadrons with existing Color Guard teams should seriously consider attending this class, as should Squadrons who are just now forming teams. Teams with gear should bring it. This course is open to Cadets and Senior Member team advisors and coaches. Individuals are welcome and will be formed into teams so don't worry if your entire team can not attend. Come and learn from the Pros!

Cyber Security and AFA CyberPatriot

Instructors: WAWG Cyber Education Team composed of Cadets and Senior Members from local units.


During this WAMA week-end, cadet participants will be introduced to Cyber Security and to the AFA CyberPatriot program. Through hands-on exercises using VM Ware, we will explore the Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 virtual images provided for the Practice Round by the AFA CyberPatriot.

In addition to being introduced to the AFA CyberPatriot competition program, Senior Member participants will have access to various educational resources to review for training in cyber education.

As we now live in a digital world, cyberspace defense has become an urgent national need. Our life at work and at school involves computers and smart devices, but our home life is also becoming part of the world wide web especially with the ever expanding use of IoT devices.

Not only do we need to protect our national cyberspace, we also need to protect our professional and personal digital environments. In parallel to the US Air Force expanding its missions from Air and Space, to Air, Space and Cyberspace, Civil Air Patrol has been expanding its missions to include cyber education, especially cyber security.

All participants are encouraged to bring a laptop (see https://www.uscyberpatriot.org/competition/technical-specifications for configuration and compatibility). If the laptop is not compatible, the participant will work with a partner, and the spare computer will be used for accessing training materials. Do not hesitate to ask your unit for borrowing a laptop for this training week-end.

ICUT & MRO (Mission Radio Operator) Training

If you are currently training to be a Mission Radio Operator or are new to using CAP radios, this is the course for you! This course will include an opportunity to complete the CAP ICUT (Introductory Communication Users Training) course as well as training in radio communications procedures. Hands-on training will be conducted. If you already are a rated communicator and wish to brush up on your skills, this course will be useful to you and will possibly update you on current procedures and information about the CAP Communications Network. This course is open to both Cadets and Senior Members. Students must know their eservices password to complete training.

Glider Orientation Flight Course

This is an opportunity for first-time flights for cadets. Space will be limited, so sign up quickly to hold a seat. Flights will be conducted contingent upon weather conditions and aircraft availability. Cadets will attend classes and complete Aircraft Ground Handling and SSA Wing Runner Course if they have not already done so. Students will position the glider, hook up the glider to the tow plane, perform wing runner duties as well as participate in dismantling the gliders. You should provide a "Second Choice" for another one of the classes listed above should it be necessary to cancel the scheduled flights. See the instructions on the registration page.


Tow pilots, Glider O'Flt pilots, instructors, and admin staff, please use this selection to sign up. If you do NOT need billeting, please check offsite billeting.

DFAC Course

The Dining Facility Course is offered to Senior Members and Cadets who enjoy working in a fast paced food preparation environment. DFAC is a team activity that requires attention to detail, ability to follow directions, creativity, math skills and a positive outlook. Cadets should be at least a C/A1C to apply. There is no grade requirement for Senior Members.