Aerospace Education

Aerospace, STEM, and Cyber Education

WAMA Aerospace, STEM, & Cyber Education Officers:

Dr. Sylvie Giral Kacmarcik, Major, CAP Capt. C. Allan Reitan, CFII

WAWG Assistant Director of Aerospace Education WAWG Director of Aerospace Education

WAWG Cyber Education Training Leader

10 - 12 February 2023

Fundamentals of Engineering

Instructor: Capt Allan Reitan

WAMA Aerospace Education Track:

Through the WAMA Aerospace Education Track, cadets and senior members will be able to enjoy learning and exploring a variety of AE and STEM topics, as well as progress through their professional development. This track will also help you earn Certificates and Badges.

More experienced cadets will have the opportunity to assist, tutor and/or teach as part of the AE track of WAMA which will help them in their progress towards higher STEM badge ratings. AE classes will have a scaffolding structure where more experienced cadets will mentor less experienced ones in addition to doing more challenging activities.

For Senior Members: AEOs duties and Specialty Track Rating progressions require AEOs to participate to activities at group, wing, and region levels. WAMA is considered a Wing level activity. AEOs can participate in many ways:

  • Observing: learn new activities or new ways of doing activities and classes.

  • Assisting: some activities would benefit from having more than one AEO in the room and we will be grateful for any help offered.

  • Instructing: if you have an activity that you would love to share and teach, please contact WAMA’s AEO and we will work on integrating it in our program.

For many years, the Civil Air Patrol has been having a Model Rocketry program with a badge associated with the students accomplishments. (

In August 2018, the Cadet Cyber Badge and Cadet STEM Badge were introduced. These new recognition programs will motivate cadets to participate in activities like CyberPatriot, robotics, astronomy, meteorology, drones / UAVs, flight simulators, and more. See Cadet Cyber & STEM Recognition Programs CAPP 60-41 for more information ( Both the Cadet STEM Badge and Cadet Cyber Badge use a modular format. Recipients obtain a single, basic badge, and affix the appropriate star to denote their level of achievement. A blue star indicates the Basic rating, a silver star indicates the Intermediate rating, and a gold star indicates the Advanced rating. As cadets earn ratings, they may remove the old star and install the new, while keeping the same basic badge.

Curriculum scheduled for this coming school year 2022-2023: (Subject to change)

Past WAMA AE week-ends :

Year 2022-2023

Jan. 2023 - Meteorology & Weather in Aviation with Capt A. Reitan

Dec. 2022 - Cancelled due to inclement weather and road conditions

Nov. 2022 - Model Rocketry with Lt Col Kenneth Butler, Lt Col Ted Hanson

Oct. 2022 - sUAS - Quadcopters with Maj S. Kacmarcik, Capt A. Reitan, SM S. Snow

Sep. 2022 - Introduction to CyberPatriot with Maj S. Kacmarcik, C/2dLt R. Halim, C/CMSgt M. Buonerba

Year 2021-2022

June 2022 - Bridge Engineering in the Aerospace Industry with Maj S. Kacmarcik, SM E. Nickel & C/Maj A. Kacmarcik

May 2022 - Electricity & Circuitry, Electronics, Intro to Programming with Maj S Kacmarcik & C/Maj A Kacmarcik

Apr. 2022 - Flight & Aircraft, and Grant County Airport fieldtrip with LtCol Jamie Treat

12 Mar. 2022 - Airport Operations with Capt. C. Allan Reitan (virtual)

12 Feb. 2022 - Web Development with C/Capt Karolina Dubiel (virtual)

8 Jan. 2022 - Artemis - We are going to the Moon (virtual)

Dec. 2021 - Astronomy & Telescopes with Maj S Kacmarcik

Nov. 2021 - Model Rocketry with Lt Col Butler & Lt Col Hanson

Oct. 2021 - Cyber Security & AFA CyberPatriot (cancelled)

Sep. 2021 - Civil Engineering and Towers & field trip with Capt Allan Reitan

Year 2020-2021

Sep.- present All in-person WAMA activities were postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

8 May 2021 Mars 2020 : Perseverance (virtual)

10 Apr 2021 CAP's Emergency Response to Natural Hazards and Disasters with 6 Emergency Response partners
(AFRCC, CAP-USAF, FAA & WADS, FEMA, WSDOT, County Emergency Management, CAP WAWG)

13 Mar 2021 Meteorological Hazards in Aviation including anecdotes from various guests w/ meteorologist SM Robert Conrick (virtual)

13 Feb 2021 Natural Hazards in Aviation (non meteorological) including anecdotes from various guests (virtual)

9 Jan 2021 Cyber Education: Cryptography - from Caesar Cipher to Enigma Machine, Guest Speaker: Mike Koss (virtual)

12 Dec 2020 Topographic Maps: from 3 Dimensions to 2 Dimensions (virtual)

14 Nov 2020 CAPP 60-41 Cyber & STEM Recognition Programs - Who, Why, When, What, and How (virtual)

Year 2019-2020

Mar.-June 2020 All in-person WAMA activities were postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Feb. 2020 Astronomy & Space Exploration - Astronomy STEM kit

Jan. 2020 CANCELLED due to inclement weather and road conditions

Astronomy & Space Exploration - Astronomy, Robotic Arm & Quadcopter STEM kits

Dec. 2019 AE - ES hybrid class - sUAS

Nov. 2019 Model rocketry (Stages 1, 2 & 3) - Rocketry STEM kit

Oct. 2019 Non powered flight: hot air balloons, gliders... (Flight STEM kit)

Sep. 2019 Introduction to Computer Science, Cyber-security and AFA CyberPatriot XII competition

Year 2018-2019

June 2019 Renewable Energies - Grand Coulee Dam & STEM tour + Renewable Energy STEM kit

Late May 2019 Fire In the Sky - Advanced Rocketry ( )

May 2019 AEX - MARC II - Flight and small Unmanned Aerial Systems + Quad-copter STEM kits

Apr. 2019 Module 1, Flight & Module 2, Aircraft Systems + Model & RC Aircraft STEM kit

Mar. 2019 Rescheduled Field Trip : Visit of local airport and facilities (Moses Lake)

Saturday - Module 2 Part 2, Airport Operations

Sunday - Module 3, Air Environment + Weather Station STEM kit, METARs & TAFs

Feb. 2019 CANCELLED due to Winter Storm - Module 2 Part 2, Airport Operations, Visit of local airport and facilities

Jan. 2019 Module 6, Spacecraft + Rocketry &/or Astronomy STEM kit extensions

Dec. 2018 Module 5, Space Environment + Astronomy STEM kit

Nov. 2018 Model Rocketry: Build and launch many rockets to earn your Rocketry badge

Oct. 2018 Parachutes: History & Physics, lessons & activities