27-28 February 2021

2021 Virtual WAWG NCOS

In Partnership with the Washington Wing All Missions Academy (WAMA), the Washington Wing will be hosting a virtual Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer School (NCOS). The goal of this NCOS will be to develop Cadet NCOs’ skills surrounding leading online and prepare them to lead in an in-person environment. Members across the nation are welcomed to apply to attend as either a student or a cadet staff member.

Schedule and Class Topics

    • Leading as a Cadet NCO

    • Instructing Successful Classes

    • Impromptu Speaking

    • Providing Feedback

    • Effective Communication

    • Time Management & Organizational Skills

    • Publications and How to Use Them

    • Instructing Drill Effectively

    • Commands and the Command Voice

    • Optional Officer Q&A

Each class will be about 45 minutes, each with 15-minute discussion and practice blocks.

For more information, one may view the schedule here.


February 27th-28th

1300 - 2030

Break for dinner: 1830-1930

Times are in PST


Registration opens on 03 February 2021 and closes 24 February 2021.


    • Cadets looking to attend as a student must register for the activity before February 24th.

    • Prioritization

      • Any Cadet NCO may register, but Cadet NCOs from WAWG will be prioritized.

      • Cadet NCOs who apply early will be given priority over those who apply late.


    • A computer with internet access

    • A working webcam (not required but highly preferred)

    • Cadet Grade of Staff Sergeant through Chief Master Sergeant by the time of the activity


    • Actively participate in discussions, classes, and activities - this includes turning on video if possible

    • Possess and properly wear an ABU throughout the activity

    • Uphold the standards of a Phase II cadet as outlined in CAPF 60-92

Please email katerina.druffner@wawg.cap.gov with any questions.