13 Feb 2021

Recruiting and the Great Starts Program (How It's Done) 0930-1100 PST

The New Cadet Recruitment & Training class is designed to give Cadets and Leaders an understanding of how to implement Recruitment and Training at their Squadron. This class has three main focuses these are: having cadets obtain and train staff, how to recruit new members into the program, and developing and executing the plan.

Completing Staff Applications: Resumes and Cover Letters 1200-1330 PST

Are you looking to apply for staff, whether within your squadron or at an activity such as encampment? In this class, we will teach you how to make an effective cover letter and resume, and how to ace your staff interview so you have the best shot at getting that position. We will also be featuring a special cadet guest C/Capt Jake Cobb to talk about how to improve your application for Cascade Falcon and other encampments.

Natural Hazards in Aviation (non meteorological) 1400-1600 PST

In this training, participants will learn and discuss how various natural hazards impact aviation. Meteorological hazards will be discussed at a later date when studying the weather. As part of this session, we are inviting aviation professionals (pilots, air tower controller...) to share their anecdotes on specific natural disasters such as the 1980 Mount St Helens eruption or the 2001 Nisqually M6.8 earthquake for examples. Hands-on activities will be used to illustrate some concepts or phenomena, such as liquefaction.

Materials needed: (incomplete)

    • 2 containers of at least 8-16 oz. size like a large mug

    • 2 cups of sand to fill the upper containers halfway

    • 2 rocks of similar size that can fit in the cups without touching the sides

    • 1 cup of water

Print outs needed: (to be announced)