12-14 November 2021

Model Rocketry (AE)- Limited to 20 students and has an extra charge of $25 for supplies and Rocketry Badges

Cadet Cadre 101 (CP)

Cadre 101 course at WAMA is classroom and hands-on learning that will give you some skills, knowledge, opportunity for experiences you will need to be part of a cadre team that leads and mentors cadets through a wing level activity. The course is targeting C/SrA and above but has no grade restrictions. This class will contain many elements that are found in the traditional NCO School.

Administration & Personnel Officer Course (PD)

This course will be led by Lt Col Weber who is the Wing Director of Administration and Wing Director of Personnel. All tasks on the Technician Levels of both Specialty Tracks will be discussed and practiced. Training will be given on the Master and Senior levels if requested. Time and hands on training will be given on the Annual Awards. The course is not only good for unit personnel holding these positions but also for Commanders at all levels. This class is limited to five (5) participants. Cadet officers are welcome. Early registration is encouraged.

DFAC Course (WAMA)

The Dining Facility Course is offered to Senior Members and Cadets who enjoy working in a fast paced food preparation environment. DFAC is a team activity that requires attention to detail, ability to follow directions, creativity, math skills and a positive outlook. Cadets should be at least a C/A1C to apply. There is no grade requirement for Senior Members. This class embodies our Core Value of Volunteer Service and truly gives the opportunity for Servant Leadership.

General Emergency Services and Mission Staff Assistant Course and Test

This course will begin with students learning the information necessary to complete the GES Test (the first step in participating in Emergency Services). Once that test is completed, students will move into training to become Mission Staff Assistants. While training will be accomplished, certification will need to wait for Unit Commanders approval in eservices. This will not count as mission participation. Basics of IS 100 will also be covered but testing will need to be accomplished at a later date.