10 April 21

AE - CAP Emergency Response to Natural Disasters: a Panel Discussion Time: 1400-1600

Moderators: LtCol John Wallace (WAWG HQ Staff) & Maj Sylvie Kacmarcik (WAWG HQ Staff)

This session will be our third and final session of virtual WAMA -Aerospace on Natural Hazards and Disasters. It will presented in the format of a panel discussion led by Lt Col John Wallace. Panelists will be active and/or former members of: CAP (Command, Operations, Emergency Services, Communications, Chaplains...) , CAP-USAF, AFRCC Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, FAA, FEMA, WSDOT, local County Emergency Response...

This session has for goals to enhance understanding of CAP’s value to our communities and CAP's mission capabilities in emergency situations, and on how CAP works (coordination and collaboration) with mission partners, local authorities and communities.

CP - Transitioning from Virtual to In-Person Meetings Time: 0930-1100

Instructors: C/Lt Col Bradley Gorham (Tri-Cities Comp Sqdn) and C/Lt Col Julius Sjolie (Renton Comp Sqdn)

With many squadrons planning for and making the switch from virtual meetings to in-person activities, learn more about what's required to efficiently make your squadron's in-person meetings as effective as possible. Topics covered will include an overview of current COVID-19 prevention guidelines, how to successfully get through the planning process, and tips to make your meetings as engaging and worthwhile as possible. Cadets and senior members at all levels have something to learn from the experienced cadet instructors.

ES - "So you want to be a sUAS Drone Pilot?" Time: 1200-1330

Instructor: 1st Lt Tom Weir (Overlake Comp Sqdn)

Have you ever flown a drone, or want to fly one? This class will talk about the different types of aircraft you can fly, how we use them in the CAP, and most importantly, how you can start flying yourself - both for fun, and to serve the community.

Discussion will include:

- What are Drones/Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems & what can you fly in the CAP

- What are the FAA rules for flying drones? Do you need a license? Can you get a license? What should you check before flying?

- What are CAP's rules for flying drones? How can you learn to fly? How can you get a check ride? Does your squadron fly?