Members should be in a CAP uniform. Sign in for each class starts 30 minutes prior to start time. Depending on the size of the class, you may be in the waiting room for a few minutes. Thanks for attending our first Virtual Washington All Mission Academy! We welcome constructive feedback as we continuously work to improve our training opportunities.

Class Time 0930-1100

Flight National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs) and CadetInvest Scholarships: learn about flight and academic scholarships offered through CadetInvest, the Wings program, and flight NCSAs; recommended for cadets looking into aviation opportunities in CAP. Instructors are C/Lt Col Aaron Somma and C/Lt Col Desimone. This class will be of special interest to cadets wishing to learn to fly and to Cadet Program Officers who want to understand more about the programs. Parents may also want to watch with their cadets. These scholarships may also provide money to attend our own Desert Eagle Flight Academy.

Class Time 1200-1330

Leading in a Virtual Environment: hear from experienced cadet leaders about different ways to keep virtual squadron training effective and fresh; recommended for cadet NCOs and Officers but Airmen may attend. Cadet Programs Officers and anyone else holding virtual meeting who are looking to improve their presentations will enjoy this class. Instructors are C/Maj Bradley Gorham and C/Capt VanGelder.

Class Time 1400-1600

Cadet STEM and Cyber Recognition Programs: learn the who, what, when, where, why, and how CAP recognizes achievement for cadet STEM and Cyber activities and how to earn the badges and promote them within your Unit. This class is for AE students and AE Officers within the units. The Instructor is Maj Kacmarcik (WAWG DAE)

Over the last 2 years, many cadets have received enough AE classroom and activity time to be eligible for their STEM Badge but they have not completed the last requirements in order to receive the badge. This class will help to accomplish that.

A Google Classroom invitation will be sent prior to Saturday for participants to access documents needed for the class. When registering, please use your WAWG email account so you won't encounter compatibility issues with our educational platform.

Activity: STEM or Cyber Career dossier - Participants will create their own dossier and receive feedback for improvement to meet requirements prior to submission