13-15 March 2020

Administration & Personnel Training: This class is designed for Administrative and Personnel officers at the squadron level. It will be an accelerated study in both Specialty Tracks designed to complete the Technician Levels. The class is a combination of self-study, discussion, practical applications, and staged On-the-Job experience. The class is limited to 3 students maximum. Computer workstations will be available, but you may bring your personal laptop if desired.

Airports, Airplanes and Flying: This class is designed to introduce students to General Aviation. The basic principles of "how" an aircraft flies and the controls to make it do that will be covered. Tours of the facilities at the Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake will be included. Orientation Flights will be scheduled and cadets who have never flown will be given top priority. Flights will depend on aircraft availability and weather conditions.

Cadet NCO School: This class is a MUST for cadets who have earned or are about to earn the Wright Brothers Achievement Award. The course will give you the tools you need to become an effective Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) within your Squadron or at other activities such as Encampments, Fly-Ins, and even WAMA! The class is open to C/SrA’s and above and will be taught by a team of Cadet Programs Officers, Cadet Officers, and Senior Cadet NCO’s.

WAMA 101: This class is designed primarily for cadets who are attending WAMA for the first time and who have been CAP members for 6 months or less. The class will include an Introduction to the WAMA mission and the opportunities available during the weekends. A review of basic customs and courtesies is part of the instruction as well as tips to make your membership as a Cadet a rewarding experience. Orientation Flights will be scheduled with those cadets who have never flown being given priority. Flights are dependent on aircraft availability and weather conditions.

Ground Team 3: This class is a continuation of the course offered in February. It will be a combination of classroom instruction and a Field Training Exercise (FTX). There is no prerequisite to have taken the course in February but you must have completed the General Emergency Services (GES) course and exams. Appropriate field gear is highly recommended.

Glider Pilot & Crew Training: This class is limited to Senior Member pilots and is designed to refresh and enhance your skills as a glider pilot and crew member. The course is being coordinated by the staff from the Desert Eagle Flight Academy. Contact Maj Talley for more information at michael.talley@wawg.cap.gov .

DFAC Class: This class prepares senior members and cadets to work in CAP Dining Facilities (DFAC). Students receive training to support the Food Handler's Course and receive much hands on training in Camp Boucher's DFAC. Upon successful completion, students will be certified in cold prep, hot prep or management of the DFAC. Class is limited to 4 students each month.