12 December 2020


Class time: 0930-1100

National Cadet Special Activities Familiarization

The NCSA Familiarization Course is meant to allow members the opportunity to hear about the National Cadet Special Activities that are provided through the Civil Air Patrol. Through this class, members will learn the differences and challenges of each unique NCSA as well as hear valuable information and personal stories from fellow cadets who have attended some of the multiple activities. Along with this, they will also gain valuable information on the application process and prerequisite requirements for each specific National Cadet Special Activity, as well as learn which activities are available to apply for, for summer of 2021. We hope to highlight: National Honor Guard Academy, Nat Blue Beret, Nat Emergency Service Academy, Nat Flight Academy, Nat Cadet Competition, Cyber and International Air Cadet Exchange.

Class Time: 1200-1330

Airman Leadership Class

The Airman Leadership Class will cover all the basics that incoming airmen should know to be successful when starting out in Civil Air Patrol. How to promote on time, the proper way to iron your blues, insignia and ribbon placement, and proper care of your uniforms are just a few things being taught in this class. All airmen alike will leave confident in their skills within CAP.

Materials needed: Blues shirt (on a hanger) with insignia, ribbons, nametag, and a ruler

Class Time 1400-1600:

Topographic Maps: from 3 Dimensions to 2 Dimensions

In this training, students will create landforms from modelling clay and learn how a topographic map is built. From various models, students will explore how different landforms are represented. This class is a great introduction to map making prior to using topographic maps in Emergency Services.

Materials needed: modelling clay, dental floss, a metric ruler, a pencil, a marker, some blank sheets of paper, and two books of 1 centimeter to half inch thickness.