10-12 January 2020

ES- First Aid Training and Certification

Instructors from the Ephrata Fire Department will be providing the training and certification necessary for the required First Aid and CPR cards that are needed by Ground Team members. Members will learn, practice and then be tested before receiving the needed cards. This is the only time this year that this training will be offered so if you are thinking of becoming a Ground Team Member, please register now. There is an additional cost of $20 for this training and the cards.

CP-Cadet Airman Leadership School (ALS)

Instructors - Capt. Zachary Cobb - C/Maj Aaron Somma - C/1st Lt Caleb VanGelder

The Airman Leadership School offers an advanced training approach to Phase II cadets by instilling fundamental tools such as followership, drill proficiency and elementary leadership that will aid in facilitating their personal and professional growth. ALS stresses the importance of customs and courtesies, military discipline and esprit de corps. The school provides an environment in which the cadet practices these concepts in a structured and controlled setting. Specific direction is given from the school staff at all times.

ALS is not intended to replace the unit training in drill and ceremonies, but rather to introduce, standardize and refine it. The intent of the drill and ceremonies instruction is to impart an understanding of the techniques necessary in performing drill commands and use of a Guidon. In addition, it intends to create an appreciation for drill and ceremonies as a valuable and worthwhile learning tool, imparting teamwork, and an appreciation of the need for discipline.

Lastly, ALS strives to expand the horizons of the cadets in attendance by exposing them to the myriad of activities available to them at the Wing, Region, and National Level. This class is for cadets in the grade of C/Airman - C/Senior Airman.

PD/CP - Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC)

Director - Maj John Hughes

Every Squadron in CAP is required to have at least 2 members who have completed the TLC training. To receive credit for the Quality Cadet Unit Award a squadron needs to have 3 members trained. The training, however, is beneficial for all senior members. The Basic TLC course will be held on Saturday.

AE - Space Exploration: Mission to Space and Extra-terrestrial Human Settlement

Instructors - Maj Kacmarcik and Maj Sikkema

Mission to Space: Students will learn about space travel and its challenges. Using Virtual Reality Goggles, they will explore the inside of the Command Module of Apollo XI. They will be able to fly simulated missions using a Flight Simulator recreating the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) used on both the Command Module as well as the Lunar Module, to control everything from launch to landing to reentry. After a successful landing, each team will move on to researching a location on the Moon or on Mars. They will engineer a human settlement in this extra-terrestrial environment and figure out what will be needed for a successful survival of the space travelers.

(Please bring a laptop and a smartphone if you have one. Do not forget any charging cables and chargers. For security purposes, laptops will be locked up when students will not be in class.)

WAMA 101

Instructor: C/Capt Larsen

This class is geared towards the first or second timer at WAMA. It will provide an introduction to WAMA while providing general CAP knowledge. This is a very active class so cadets can expect to be working and moving around the building and airport throughout the weekend. If you have never been to WAMA before, take this class first.