9-11 August 2019

August 9-11 - fee for this weekend in appreciation for the work being done will be $20!

Instructor's Course - Postponed until later in the year due to low registration.

What: A required class for those who would like to instruct at future WAMA weekends. The course will go over how to be an effective instructor as well as a lot of time to work on creating the best classes for WAMA with other like-minded individuals who are interested in instructing similar classes.

Cadet Staff Training and Selection - Cadets wishing to serve on WAMA staff for the 2019-2020 Training Year should send a resume of experience and a cover letter to Lt Col Kathy Maxwell at kathy.maxwell@wawg.cap.gov . Discussions will be held on upholding Core Values, schedules, and individual job descriptions. Positions being filled include Cadet Commander, Cadet Deputy Commander and First Sergeant.

Facility Work Party - we need help readying the facility for the upcoming training year. We have a few large projects planned that will go fast with many hands helping. We would also like to do some air conditioner replacements and smaller indoor projects. We also need people who are good at putting together displays for our walls. If you are able to help, please sign up. If you have historical pictures of Camp Boucher or pictures of Col Boucher himself, please send copies to Lt Col Maxwell. Please bring work clothes, shoes and gloves if you have them.

Glider O'Flights are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Squadrons who wish to participate should have at least one senior member and 5 cadets wishing to fly on Saturday or Sunday. Sign in for Saturday flyers will be on Friday night and sign in for Sunday flyers will be on Saturday night. We will schedule 2 squadrons for Saturday and 2 for Sunday. Complete details follow.


Check IN:

2000-2100 Friday for Staff and Saturday Flyers

2000-2100 Saturday for Sunday Flyers

2000-2100 Friday for Saturday AND Sunday flyers

Sign OUT

1530 Saturday for Saturday Fliers

1330 Sunday for Sunday Fliers and staff

Registration: Squadrons should register personnel AFTER receiving approval from Maj Mike Talley at michael.talley@wawg.cap.gov

Cost: (This Weekend ONLY all will pay the special $20 fee.)

$20 per day per person per day

$35 per person for 2 nights stay

Payment by Squadron Funds Transfer (WAG Form 34). Remarks section should say to transfer funds from unit account into WAMA account for Glider O’FLT Weekend. Units need to bring a copy of the transfer form to turn in at Sign In as proof of payment.

Cost Includes the following:

Food/Hydration- 2 meals (breakfast and lunch, plus snacks). Everybody should bring hydration system (canteen, water bottle, or camelback)

Overnight stay (one overnight stay and use of Camp Boucher for 24 hrs). Members staying for 2 nights (staff and pilots) who will be eating for 2 days, pay $35 but will NOT include dinner Sat night.


-CAP Membership Card (or temporary from eServices)

-Wing Runner Course available through eServices (Recommended, though Optional as long as we have 2 cadets who have had it.) We can also give it to those not having it as long as they have their eservices password.

Aircraft Ground Handling Course (Recommended, though Optional as long as we have 2 cadets who have had it.) We can also give it to those not having it as long as they have their eservices password.


Per the regulation CAPR 60-1G:“A soaring activity, to include the tow pilot, demands that comfortable, loose-fitting, nonrestrictive clothing be worn. Personnel will wear clothing that is appropriate for the conditions in which they are operating, identifies them as CAP members, and reflects CAP in a positive manner. A tee-shirt or polo, such as a CAP designed wing, unit or activity shirt with a pair of shorts/long pants and tennis shoes are sufficient. It is recommended that shorts be either khaki-type or dark blue and the long pants either khaki-type or medium gray. Due to the greenhouse effect of the glider canopy, the use of sun screen and a fullbrimmed hat (boony or bucket hat), that will also protect the ears and back of the neck, is highly encouraged; baseball-style caps may be worn, however, styles without buttons on the top are recommended. For numerous reasons, including space restrictions in most glider rudder pedal areas, the wearing of boots of any kind is prohibited.”


Cadets’ flight uniform: ABUs or BDUs with athletic shoes (if weather is warm, a CAP tee-shirt may be worn without the ABU/BDU blouse) and ABU/BDU cover (boony hats may be available)


Any approved uniform including flight suit or the above guidance

Training Flights:

Members wanting training flights must contact the O Ride staff 2 weeks in advance to determine if training flights are available on the desired date(s). Members will need to bring a check made out to Civil Air Patrol to pay the appropriate amounts for their tows.

Training flight costs will depend on the requested height AGL of each tow as follows:

Pattern tow $40

3000 ft tow $63


Cadets need to bring the following forms:

CAP Membership card (or temporary from eServices)

CAPF 60-81 signed by cadet, parent and unit commander




Senior members need to bring the following forms:

CAP Membership card (or temporary from eServices)

CAPF 101 card – used for driving CAP vehicles



WWF 34 for payment for group