8-10 November 2019

Introductory Communications Users Training (ICUT)

Instructor – 2Lt Stephen Nuchia, WA-050

The initial training for all CAP personnel using CAP radios is ICUT. This course replaced both the Basic Communications User training (BCUT) and the Advanced Communication Users training (ACUT), which are no longer taught. ICUT is also offered online and includes several segments of produced video instruction. Subsequent skills evaluation by a mentor/evaluator is also required. (WAMA is providing an opportunity for this required evaluation). The only prerequisites for ICUT are being an active CAP cadet or senior member. All members with duties requiring unsupervised operation of radios on CAP frequencies must complete ICUT training. Reference for the above: CAPR 100-1 Paragraph 5.2. This includes encampment staff members who might be issued a radio.

Wreaths Across America (WAA) - Part II

Instructor - 1Lt Karen Hildebrand, WA-011

During the Sep WAMA, WAA was described and explained to the cadets and seniors who participated. This month we will actually participate in the Veterans Day celebrations in Ephrata to include the parade and set up at stores and businesses in town to present WAA to the public. There is no better way to learn the process than to actually participate and work with a group who really knows how to do it. There is no requirement to have attended Part I to participate this weekend. At Dec WAMA, WAA Part III will include the local program and actual wreath laying at 3 or more cemeteries.

Cadet Airman Leadership School (ALS)

Instructor - C/Maj Aaron Somma, WA-015

The Airman Leadership School offers an advanced training approach to Phase II cadets by instilling fundamental tools such as followership, drill proficiency and elementary leadership that will aid in facilitating their personal and professional growth. ALS stresses the importance of customs and courtesies, military discipline and esprit de corps. The school provides an environment in which the cadet practices these concepts in a structured and controlled setting. Specific direction is given from the school staff at all times.

ALS is not intended to replace the unit training in drill and ceremonies, but rather to introduce, standardize and refine it. The intent of the drill and ceremonies instruction is to impart an understanding of the techniques necessary in performing drill commands and use of a Guidon. In addition, it intends to create an appreciation for drill and ceremonies as a valuable and worthwhile learning tool, imparting teamwork, and an appreciation of the need for discipline.

Lastly, ALS strives to expand the horizons of the cadets in attendance by exposing them to the myriad of activities available to them at the Wing, Region, and National Level. This class is for cadets in the grade of C/Airman - C/Senior Airman.

Model Rocketry

Class limit of 20 and requires an extra fee of $25

Instructors - Lt Col Ken Butler and Lt Col Ted Hanson, WA-005

This course has an extra fee due to the materials used and the Rocketry Badges awarded. Instruction will follow CAPs Model Rocketry program and include instruction, building and firing of model rockets in three stages: 1- The Redstone Stage reviews the history of rocketry and its great pioneers, to include Robert Goddard and Werhner Von Braun. 2- The Titan Stage details the physical laws which govern objects on the Earth, in the air and in space above us. 3- The Saturn Stage presents information on trigonometry for altitude tracking, and physics of impulse and thrust associated with solid propellant motors typically used in model rocketry.

Cadets who complete the written and performance requirements for each of the 3 stages, as certified by the Activity Commander, will be awarded the Cadet Model Rocketry Badge and Patch

As part of your training, there will be three tests that you will take on-line in eServices. YOU MUST BRING WITH YOU YOUR ESERVICES LOG-IN AND PASSWORD. Write them down and keep them in your notebook or binder. If you do not have an e-Services Log-In and password, you should contact your Squadron Commander, Deputy Commander for Cadets, or the squadron Administrative or Personnel Officer to help you get set up before you arrive at Camp Boucher.

Corporate Learning Course (CLC)

Director - Lt Col Russell Garlow

CLC is a two (2) day course required for senior members' Level III Professional Development Training. The CLC presents the relationship the CAP squadron has with the next major echelon of command -- the Wing. It discusses how wing-level operations help to accomplish CAP's three missions of aerospace education, emergency services, and cadet programs. It describes the working relationships wing staff officers have with each other, and their squadron level counterparts.

Registration Opens: 5 October 2019

Registration Closes: 1 November 2019

Date: November 8-10, 2019

Location: WAMA,

Prerequisite: Level 1 Completion and enrollment in specialty track

Uniform: Corporate (White aviator combination, golf shirt) or Air Force equivalent

Lodging: You are on your own for travel to and from the course. Lodging will be at WAMA (included in the $45 registration fee) or downtown Ephrata (registration cost $30.) Costs include 5 meals.