8-10 February 2019


8-10 February 2019

Camp Robert L. Boucher, Ephrata WA

Training this weekend will be offered in 5 areas: Airport Operations (open to all cadets and AEOs), Ground Team Winter Skills)(open to all members meeting the prerequisites), Mission Radio Operators' Training (open to all who meet the requirements), Cadet Senior NCO School(open to all cadet SNCOs and CDCs), and WAMA 101 for members new to WAMA who are not sure which area interests them the most. Seniors should feel free to sign up for WAMA 101 also. Free time is available on Saturday evening to socialize, play games, or do homework.

Here are the details.

AE- Airport Operations and Tour to Moses Lake Airport - The tour will be part of the AE class on Airports. First thing Sat morning, we will transport to Moses Lake Airport and be met by the Airport Manager. After a briefing on the airport, members will be divided up to tour the Air Traffic Control Tower, the Fire Fighting Unit, and to take a driving tour of the runways and airport areas. Members will complete the TSA briefing that allows civilians and their vehicles to enter the airport grounds. It's all about the airport and how the parts of it function. We also hope to add some time in the afternoon to visit the Flight schools at Moses Lake. The ES and WAMA 101 students and staff will also attend the tours.

CP – Cadet Senior NCO School* - This class is for cadets in the grades of C/MSgt, C/SMSgt, and C/CMSgts and as always, CDCs are always welcome to any Cadet Program class. This class will cover the duties and responsibilities of SNCOs as well as increasing the students' ability to teach or facilitate a class. Command presence and professionalism will be stressed. This is a great class for those who plan to serve at summer activities in Flight Sergeant, First Sergeant or Flight Commander positions. CHANGE: Cadet NCOs in the grades of SSgt and TSgt may attend if there is room.

* Cadet Officer Academy which was originally scheduled for this month has been moved to next month.

ESSevere Weather Operations for Ground Teams - This class focuses on methods and techniques dealing with hostile winter weather. Following the classroom briefings, the students will spend an estimated two hours outdoors, rain or snow. Bring warm clothing, boots, hats, and gloves. Coats do not need to be CAP types; the goal is to stay warm not stylish. There will be demonstrations on vehicle preparation. Field Packs are optional, not required. Cadets will be allowed free time to attend the Aerospace Education class tour at Moses Lake airport.

– Mission Radio Operator class- Mission Radio Operators are key parts of any CAP mission, monitoring the safety of deployed teams and ensuring the rapid, accurate passage of information. It also leads to the Communication Unit Leader qualification - the only Team Leader position available to cadets under age 18. This course teaches the skills needed to be a successful MRO with a mixture of classroom instruction and practical exercises. Successful students will have all practical tasks signed off for the MRO Operations Qualification (online classes will need to be completed separately).

Pre-requisites: ICUT MUST be completed prior to arrival at WAMA (limited opportunities may be available for Practical Evaluations if unavailable at the unit), Commander's Approval for training must be entered into the online SQTR.

Required materials: writing implements, scratch paper, binder or folder to hold ~60 pages of documents & forms, and appropriate gear for the weather (we will be outside for 15-30 minutes at a time). A clipboard is extremely helpful but not required.

WAMA 101 – This class is for members new to WAMA who would like to experience all areas of the academy. It will include an introduction to Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs by accomplishing hands on activities. Students will become familiar with the history of the Ephrata Army Air Base and WAMA, as well as participate in O’flights (weather and funding permitting). Training will be given in Mission Staff Assistant as well as DFAC if time permits. Class is limited to 10 students.

Please bring warm coats, gloves, hats, etc., as we MAY be able to enjoy some Winter sports activities as part of the Saturday evening entertainment. Hope for snow!