7-9 June 2019

The final WAMA weekend of the academic year is here and we are holding two exciting activities: Desert Sage Basic Marksmanship and Grand Coulee Dam Tour and Laser Show. Each activity is limited to 30 cadets each and 6 seniors. So register quickly for the activity that you want to attend.

Desert Sage Basic Marksmanship: This training is provided by NRA members who work for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW). It is conducted under their Hunter Education program and cadets will receive certificates from that organization as well as be awarded any NRA medals that they earn. These medals may be worn on the CAP blues uniforms. Cadets must meet some special requirements to attend. They must arrive at WAMA with their certificate from the on-line Hunter Education Safety Course. The course can be found at www.hunter-ed.com/washington. There is a $20 fee for this course but the certification does not expire. If you already have a card, you do not need to complete it again.

There is an additional fee of $55 to take this course. That is added to the $45 WAMA fee for a total cost of $100 for the weekend. That covers the use of the weapons, ammunition, books, cleaning materials, medals, patches and 12 hours of instruction. Cadets will be firing 22 caliber rifles on a 50 ft course. Cadets are guaranteed to learn gun safety from these dual qualified instructors. Parents will need to complete a form authorizing this instruction. This training may be followed up with more advanced marksmanship training in the fall if enough cadets are interested.

Six Seniors are needed to assist with scoring, oversight and transportation. There will be no additional charge for seniors.

In order to register, cadets must have their Hunter Education Card and the Parental permission form uploaded as part of registration and pay $100. It will be first come, first accepted and there are only 30 slots. So complete the requirements and register quickly if you want to attend. Seniors please sign up as Senior Staff and list your preference in the remarks block.

Grand Coulee Dam Tour and Laser Show: This isn't your usual tour of Grand Coulee Dam. This is a special STEM tour through many parts of the dam that are not open to the general public. Because of this we are limited to only 36 members (30 cadets and 6 seniors). After a morning with Maj Kazmarcik working on sustainable energy and lunch, members will load into vans and travel to Grand Coulee WA. Members will tour the visitor's center until called for their tour. After the tour and a picnic dinner, members will conduct a retreat ceremony at the park's flagpole in front of hundred's of park visitors. At dark, the laser show is broadcast on the face of Grand Coulee Dam. After a long day, all will return to Camp Boucher.

There is an extra charge of $5 for van fuel, making the total cost of the weekend $50. Remember that there are only 30 slots for cadets and 6 slots for seniors. (Seniors need to have a CAP driver's license.) Again, it is first registered, first accepted. Seniors, please sign up as Senior Staff and list your preference in the remarks block.

This weekend promises to be a great ending to WAMA's first year. Register early. We will close registration when the activities fill or on 1 June.