24-26 May 2019

24 - 26 May 2019 Advanced Rocketry at Fire In The Sky

This week-end will be based on the “CAP - Advanced Model Rocketry" manual.

Pre-requisite: for cadets, 14 yr old and already earned Model Rocketry Badge; for Senior Members, to have already done the Model Rocketry program.

There will be a safety briefing on Model Rocketry (NAR National Association of Rocketry).

First, for the Columbia phase, participants will learn about mid-power rocketry, composite propellant motors, thrust curves and more advanced construction techniques. Second, for the Challenger phase, participants will learn about motor impulse classification, re-loadable motors, potential use of on-board electronics, and FAA requirements.

One set of rockets per group will be built with the option of loading it with a mid or a high power motors. Launching will take place at the Fire In The Sky event in Mansfield, WA where they have obtained FAA Certificate of Authorization to launch high power rockets. (http://www.washingtonaerospace.org/fits.php) The Washington Aerospace Club has generously offered us free registration and participation to their event.

Due to the higher cost of these types of rockets and motors, we have received Grants and donations. Participants will pay only $30 for the weekend and will need to provide some food or money for two meals.

Here is a tentative schedule:

Friday, 24 May, Camp Boucher opens at 8pm for those wishing to stay overnight. (Due to traffic, members may opt to travel on Sat morning.)

Sat, 25 May, 0900 briefings and construction begin. In late afternoon, we will go to Mansfield to observe the firing of other rockets (members will purchase their own dinners). After a late return to Camp Boucher, we will set the wake up time for Sunday.

Sun, 26 May, we will transport to Mansfield and launch the rockets, hopefully multiple times. (Members will need to purchase their own lunch.) We will plan to be back at Camp Boucher by 1600, with clean up and sign out completed by 1630. (A Sunday departure should make for a much faster trip over the mountains.)

Please email suggestions or questions to Maj Kacmarcik at sylvie.kacmarcik@wawg.cap.gov .