15-30 July 2019 - Desert Eagle XVI Flight Academy

Registration for students closed on 1 May. We are still looking for CFIG's to help round out our Instructor staff, though.

Desert Eagle Flight Academy is an intense flight training experience for cadets who wish to begin their aviation careers. Glider instruction is given to both Basic and Advanced students, aged 14-16. Powered instruction is given to cadets who are at least 16 years old. The goal is to give powered students 10 hours of dual flight instruction and to give the Basic Glider students 30 flights. Advanced Glider students will spend much of their time flying solo gaining the flight time they need for their licenses. All students will participate in daily ground school classes.

All this training is made possible by Senior Members and Cadet Staff who volunteer their time and talents. Flight Instructors, tow pilots, cooks, administrators, safety officers, and ground school instructors all donate nearly 2 weeks of their summer to give these students the best introduction to flight possible.

Actual dates for the students are 16 - 27 July. Many will remain for 3 more days for a follow on course of Advanced Ground School and FAA testing.

Registration for next year's Flight Academy will open in March.

For complete information go to http://deserteagle.wawg.cap.gov/