13-15 September 2019

Welcome to the first weekend of the 2019-2020 Training Year! We plan to have a full house so register early. Registration closes 6 Sep 19 at 2000 hours (8 PM).

AE - CyberSecurity and AFA CyberPatriot Competition XII - learn how to protect your computers and smart devices against cyber attackers.

  • Learn about cyberthreats and how they can directly or indirectly impact you

  • Learn to identify your systems’ vulnerabilities which open doors to cybercriminals

  • Learn to protect your computers against cyberattacks

CP - Cadet Competition Class - learn the in's and out's of organizing your squadron's team for Wing Cadet Competition.

    • Review Drill and Ceremonies and how your performance is evaluated

    • Review everything about wearing the uniform and tips on how to maintain a professional appearance

    • Participate in "mock" Cadet Competition Event, formed with teams made of from the class members.

    • Hear the experiences other teams have had in previous competitions

ES - WMIRS Course -

  • This class is open to all cadets and seniors with a current membership card and a GES rating. Participants are required to have approved access to the Civil Air Patrol e-Services system in order to attend. The class will be an introduction as to what is WMIRS, how to navigate the menus, and how it is utilized in Emergency Services. A mission scenario will be demonstrated involving student participation. Students are requested to bring their own laptop. Arrangements can be made to provide a loaner laptop by contacting LtCol Moore prior to enrolling for the course. Individuals that are already proficient in the use of WMIRS are encouraged to register, attend, and mentor the novice users.

PD - Wreaths Across America Class - Is your squadron actively participating in this opportunity to honor our veterans? This class is open to Senior Member leaders and all interested cadets.

  • Learn how to successfully register your squadron with WAA National Headquarters

  • Learn the easy ways to set up displays and booths in your community

    • Learn how to approach community leaders and local businesses for their support

    • Learn how your squadron can benefit fiscally by participating in this event

    • Share your own experiences with WAA and learn how other units have organized successful programs

DO - Glider Orientation Flight Class - Fundamentals of glider flight

    • This class is open to all cadets and senior members. Participants will learn the fundamentals of how gliders operate and how they are maintained. The course of instruction is similar to that of a ground school

    • Glider Orientation Flights may be made available if weather conditions permit and if aircraft is available.