13-15 December 2019

Classes this month will allow all members to participate in the Wreaths Across America on Saturday morning at the ceremony in Ephrata. Those members wishing to continue to honor our Veterans at the Quincy and Soap Lake ceremonies should sign up for the WAA class/activity. Bring warm gloves, long underwear and hats (preferably black or ABU stocking hats).

We also plan to celebrate the season on Saturday night – cookie decorating (and eating), Christmas movies, and outside activities if we have snow. So again, bring warm clothing.

CP - Wreaths Across America

Instructor: 1 Lt Karen Hildebrand, CAP

Join CAP members from around the country in remembering and honoring America’s Heroes on Saturday at 0900. This group will also honor veterans in 2 additional local cemeteries.

The annual Wreaths Across America ceremonies will be observed this year by WAMA. All members will participate in the local ceremony held at the Ephrata Memorial Cemetery on Saturday morning. We will caravan to the cemetery in CAP vehicles and will be escorted by the Ephrata Police Department. The ceremony will include participation by the local American Legion Post Rifle Squad and Honor Guard, National Guard, Public Safety agencies, local civic leaders, veterans, and the general public. Members will have the opportunity to honor our deceased veterans by placing the wreaths on the designated graves. Members will then continue on to Quincy after the Ephrata ceremony, to participate again in a second observance in that community. A third ceremony will be held at the cemetery in Soap Lake on Sunday morning. Last year over 1200 veterans were honored. We hope for even more this year. Your help is needed.

AE & ES Drone Pilot Training and Certification class.

Instructor: Lt Col Karl Moore, CAP

Due to the Wreaths Across America ceremony, this class will start at noon on Saturday.

Open to all CAP members, no prerequisite or experience required. Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters requires all CAP Un-manned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilots be trained and certified in accordance with CAPR 70-1U. This class will include an overview of the drafted CAP Regulation and forms, FAA Safety compliance guidelines, demonstration and training flights, and a formal 20 minute check flight. The check flight will be per draft CAP form 5U, and subsequently entered into the national database. Students are encouraged to bring their personal drones to the class.

You do not have to possess an FAA Pilot License, and you do not need to take the checkride if you feel you are not ready. This class and checkride is a requirement for members wishing to progress on to UAV Mission Aircrew status. AE members will benefit from this course as it will parallel with the CAP/AE and the AMA STEM program.

If you have never flown a drone – this class is perfect for you. If are highly experienced, be prepared to learn something new.

In the event of inclement weather we can fly in doors. It is December so be prepared for outdoor training.


Dining Facility Management

Instructor: Lt Col Kathy Maxwell, CAP

Due to the Wreaths Across America ceremony, this class will start at 1300 on Saturday.

Recruiting a Cook is almost always a challenge for any activity director. This class will bring together people from around the wing who are already cooking at events as well as new members who would like to help out. Blocks will include budgeting, personnel and equipment needed, working within a Senior/Cadet environment, food acquisition, reimbursement/or cash advance procedures, as well as legal and safety requirements. We will share experiences and tips on how to make the job easier and how to save money. This class is open to all seniors and to cadets who have food handling experience. Your assistance is needed as we begin recruiting for a busy CAP summer.

WAMA 101

Instructor: C/Capt Larsen

Due to the Wreaths Across America ceremony, this class will start at 1300 on Saturday.

This class is geared towards the first or second timer at WAMA. It will provide an introduction to WAMA while providing general CAP knowledge. This is a very active class so cadets can expect to be working and moving around the building and airport throughout the weekend. If you have never been to WAMA before, take this class first.