11-13 October 2019


ES - Introduction to small Un-Manned Aircraft Systems (sUAS 101)

This class is open to all cadets and seniors that have an interest in how the Civil Air Patrol is incorporating drones into our three missions; Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs. This presentation will involve classroom lectures, equipment displays, and outdoor flight demonstrations. Included with the discussions are current FAA operating guidelines, civil and military drone operations, UAV career opportunities, and examples of future UAV technology. The class will include indoor and outdoor activity on Saturday and Sunday. Plan on hands on demonstrations of equipment, and actually going out to fly various drones on Saturday and Sunday.

Primary presenter is Lt Col Karl Moore (UAV check pilot and instructor).

O'Flight Staff/Training Flights

This course will work in conjunction with the AE class. O'Flight Pilots, both powered and glider, as well as tow pilots and safety officers are needed to enable the cadets to receive o'flights this weekend. Saturday morning is available for training and currency flights. Cadets and Seniors who have experience in the gliders may schedule a flight (that they must pay for) to continue their training. (Be sure to bring a checkbook or cash.) There will be a limited number of slots for these fights so contact Lt Col Maxwell quickly. This may be our last flying weekend, depending on how soon winter arrives. Don't miss your chance to fly.

AE - Non-Powered Flight

THIS CLASS IS FOR CADETS WHO HAVE NOT PREVIOUSLY HAD A GLIDER O'FLIGHT and is limited to 12 students. Students MUST bring athletic shoes to wear in the glider.

Gliding or flying? Lighter or heavier than air? Powered or non-powered flight? How did it all started? How does it work? Come and explore the past and present of non-powered flight.

During the October WAMA week-end, students will explore the history and the physics of non-powered flight. Cadets will build models to help understanding "gliding" compare to "flying". If the weather permits it, students will have the opportunity to participate in glider orientation flights. (Remember that only cadets 17 years old or younger may receive o'flights.) Our guest instructor for this month will be Captain Ian McFall, Civil Air Patrol National Glider Program Manager. Capt McFall is a Glider Certified Flight Instructor and who has decades of experience and so many great stories to share. He has been flying gliders since 1957 and has flown 39 different glider models in the USA, UK, South Africa and France. Capt McFall flew competitively for many years and ranked 39th in the nation. He loves long distance soaring and has done many high altitude wave flights. Some of you might have already met Captain McFall as a pilot or as an instructor during one of our Glider week-ends or if you have attended our Desert Eagle Flight Academy.

Cadet NCO School

This course will cover intermediate leadership laboratory skills to include drilling a flight and evaluating another cadet in drill and in inspection. It will also cover how to instruct a class or make a presentation on a CAP subject. This class is a must for any cadet who plans to serve as a Flight Sergeant at an encampment. This class is for cadets in the grade C/SrA through C/MSgt. Students should bring blues uniform also. Come learn interesting and fun ways to teach and practice drill. C/1st Lt Avery Somma will be the lead Instructor. Please contact her if you would like to help instruct.

WAMA 101

This class is for extremely new cadets who have not attended WAMA before. It will provide an introduction to WAMA while providing general CAP knowledge. This is a very active class so cadets can expect to be working and moving around the building and airport throughout the weekend. C/1st Lt Larsen is the lead Instructor.

Squadron Leadership School

The SLS is part of the Level II of the professional development program for senior members. The primary goal is to prepare members to contribute at the squadron level and provide an understanding of how those operations are an integral part of CAP’s national missions. The SLS is also an excellent way to meet, network, and learn with other CAP officers in an enjoyable, and interactive classroom setting.

PREREQUISITES: Level 1 and assigned to a specialty track

UNIFORM: USAF Blues, CAP Corporate, CAP Polo/grey trousers NO BDUs or Flight suits allowed.

Class will start promptly at 0800. Dismissal will be at approx. 1630 each day Break for lunch at 11:30.

Fee includes: Overnight Stay at Camp Robert L. Boucher, Dining Facility (DFAC) and Food/Hydration. If you would rather stay at a local hotel, there is a reduced price.

REGISTRATION: Registration will be limited to 16 students.

HOW TO REGISTER FOR SQUADRON LEADERSHIP SCHOOL: 1) Submit CAP Form 17 to WAWG HQ by email to pd@wawg.cap.gov or mail to the address below: Lt Col Ed Keeney WAWG Director of PD 1830 Artemis Ridge West Richland, WA 99353 2) Email Course Director Major Jim Kelly jim.kelly@wawg.cap.gov with your name, CAPID, grade, unit, and indicate that you have submitted CAP Form 17 to WAWG HQ 3) After approval complete WAMA registration. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Course Director.

We look forward to seeing you! Squadron PD/CC: If you have a member needing be on a SLS staff, contact Course Director. Jim Kelly, Major, CAP Course Director jim.kelly@wawg.cap.gov 509.724.6019.


If you have attended WAMA since September, 2019, it is NOT NECESSARY to upload another CAPF 160, 161, or 163 UNLESS your condition or circumstances (new address, health conditions, etc.) have changed. ALL CADETS MUST UPLOAD (or bring with you) A CAPF 60-80 (Permission Form) for each month. If you must cancel at the last-minute, please call Camp Boucher on Friday afternoon or evening at (509) 754-3273.