11-13 January 2019


11-13 JANUARY 2019

Camp Robert L. Boucher, Ephrata WA

Training this weekend will be offered in 4 different areas: Space Environments (open to all cadets and AEOs), Introductory Communication User’s Training (ICUT)(open to all members meeting the prerequisites), Cadet Competition Class (open to all cadets and senior escorts), and WAMA 101 for members new to WAMA who are not sure which area interests them the most. Seniors should feel free to sign up for WAMA 101 also. Free time is available on Saturday evening to socialize, play games, or do homework.

Here are the details.

AE- Space Exploration: Past, Present and Future. We will cover contents from the "Aerospace Dimensions Module 6: Spacecraft" as well as the "Astronomy - Aerospace Education Excellence Module". Through over 60 years of history, we will study the progress towards the “New Frontiers” and its impact on our life on Earth. We will also look into space stations and future potential extra-terrestrial colonies. As always, this is a very “hands-on” class. Possible activities include: producing a timeline of past and present space missions, designing a space station, and crafting models of satellites and probes, as well as the studying the deployment of solar panels. Weather permitting, we will also continue using telescopes and cadets are encouraged to bring the telescopes that they made last month. Class is limited to 20 students.

CPCadet Competition CLASS – you don’t need a complete team to attend. This class will cover each event that is included in the Cadet Competition. Each block will cover the requirements as well as insider tips from team members who have competed at Region Competitions in the past few years. Blocks of instruction will be very “hands on” and students need no prior experience to attend. On Sunday morning, a mock competition will be held with teams being made up of members from various squadrons. Teams will be scored and a winner declared. Teams will be debriefed on their strengths and weaknesses. This class should make for a much more competitive Wing Cadet Competition when it is held in February. Class size is 30 students. Additional staffing will be needed.

ESIntroductory Communication User’s Training - Are you interested in staffing any activity this year? Do you want to participate in Emergency Services? You need ICUT! Every ES qualification requires ICUT, and since all encampment staff positions require being able to communicate on the radio, nobody will be allowed to staff Cascade Falcon without it. Training will also help you at Desert Eagle and Arlington Fly In. While ICUT can be accomplished online with a practical evaluation, we will be going through each section and testing to ensure that you are qualified to use CAP radios. We will also include practical exercises to get familiar with proper use and vocabulary. Class is limited to 20 students.

WAMA 101 – This class is for members new to WAMA who would like to experience all areas of the academy. It will include an introduction to Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs by accomplishing hands on activities. Students will become familiar with the history of the Ephrata Army Air Base and WAMA, as well as participate in O’flights (weather and funding permitting). Training will be given in Mission Staff Assistant as well as DFAC. Class is limited to 10 students.

Please bring warm coats, gloves, hats, etc., as we MAY be able to enjoy some Winter sports activities as part of the Saturday evening entertainment.