10-12 May 2019


10-12 May 2019

Camp Robert L. Boucher, Ephrata WA

The weather at Ephrata has warmed up and we are ready for outside activities. Most of our classes will be held outdoors or at least partially so. Come prepared to be outside and enjoy the spring weather.

Training this weekend will be offered in 5 areas: UAS (open to all cadets and AEOs), ES mini SAREX for Ground Teams and Mission Base Staff (open to all members meeting the prerequisites), Cadet Senior NCO School (C/TSgt and above and CDCs) and Wreaths Across America Seminar. Free time is available on Saturday evening to watch a movie, play games, or do homework. Here are the details:

ES - Mini SAREX for Ground Team Members and Mission Base Staff (SENIORS AND CADETS)

ES: Ground Team Exercise – Trainees and qualified GT personnel will be participating in a SAR training exercise. Participants must have a CAPF101 card (trainee status is OK). Field gear is optional, CAP field clothing mandatory. There will not be camping out overnight. Meals and billeting will be available at Camp Boucher (WAMA). This exercise will count as credit on the members SQTR (training record). This WAMA SAR training exercise is not intended as a component of the 2019 Graded Evaluation. Ground Teams will conduct a UDF sortie, support a sUAS sortie, and conduct a target search. Ground Team Leaders requested, to facilitate. You must have a CAPF101 to participate.

ES: Mission Base Exercise – MSA, MRO, FLM, and all Mission Staff trainees and qualified mission staff personnel will be participating in a SAR training exercise. The mission base exercise will be in support of the deployed Ground Teams and UAV Team. Participants must have a CAPF101 card (trainee status is OK). This exercise will count as credit on the members SQTR (training record). This WAMA SAR training exercise is not intended as a component of the 2019 Graded Evaluation. Mission Base Staff will be setting up and operating an operations site at WAMA. Experienced mission staff members requested, to facilitate the training. You must have a CAPF101 to participate.

Point of contact for ES classes is Lt Col Karl Moore, karl.moore@wawg.cap.gov .

CP - SNCO School

The cadet Senior NCO core is the management team in place for supervising squadron meetings and carrying out the plans put in place by the cadet and senior officers. This course allows Senior NCOs to hone their skills with formations, mentoring, motivating, and speaking to squadron sized groups. Students will get a chance to gain experience in leadership positions of formations, PT, and participate in Ethics and Core Value discussions. In addition to practicing speaking in front of a group, students will also be given instruction in lessons that will help them succeed in the cadet program Students must be between the grades of C/TSgt and C/CMSgt in order to attend this course.

This class will be led by Capt Mo Hahn, morris.hahn@wawg.cap.gov

AE- Flight and small Unmanned Aerial Systems + Quadcopter STEM kits

This week-end will partially be based on the “AEX MARC II Module", and "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Activity Booklet". Participants will start by reviewing safety, rules and ethics of UAS. They will explore the various types of systems, their diversified uses and the continuously expanding career possibilities in our technology based society. Using CAP-STEM kit quad-copters, participants will race down our racing circuits through a variety of tasks. Participants are encourage to bring their personal UAS to use in class and during activities, and to teach others how to pilot them.

Did you know that CAP-WAWG just started training sUAS pilots to carry official missions in our state? You need to be 16 years old and over to become FAA Part 107 certified! What a great professional skill to acquire to make your resume even more outstanding.

Maj Kacmarcik is back to lead this class. sylvie.kacmarcik@wawg.cap.gov

Wreaths Across America Training

Come and learn from a leader at the Squadron level how to make Wreaths Across America (WAA) a great mission for your unit. The honoring of veterans and the teaching of respect fall right in line with the core values of WAMA and CAP. 1st Lt Karen Hildebrand will give you the keys to success and insider information from her view point as a National WAA Advisory Committee member. Learn how you can make a huge difference in your community and help your squadron at the same time with the finance incentives WAA provides. This class is for senior members but interested cadet leaders may also attend.

1st Lt Karen Hildebrand will conduct the seminar. karen.hildebrand@wawg.cap.gov .

Cadet Marksmanship Course - MOVED TO JUNE 7-9

This course is a once a year chance for cadets at WAMA to receive marksmanship training and gun safety instruction from NRA/State Fish and Wildlife Instructors. We are lucky that the gun range is very close to Camp Boucher and that these instructors are donating their time to conduct this training for us. There is an extra fee to cover the cost of weapons, targets, ammunition, cleaning materials, and marksmanship medals. This training will award the medals to those cadets who qualify with a high enough score. Extra cost is $55, in addition to the WAMA cost of $45. Total cost will be $100 for the weekend. Training is limited to 30 students so register as soon as it opens.

Extremely Important: Students must arrive at Camp Boucher having already accomplished the Official Washington Hunter Safety Course. (This is required for our cadets to use the weapons furnished by the Dept of Fish and Wildlife.) This course is on-line and does have a fee when you complete the course to receive the card. You absolutely must have the card to receive the training! If you already have a card, you do not need to retake the course. Just bring the card.

The website for the course is: www.hunter-ed.com/washington .

Address questions to Lt Col Kathy Maxwell at kathy.maxwell@wawg.cap.gov .