5-7 October 2018


Who: SENIOR MEMBERS, from newly joined to seasoned CAP professionals

What: An encampment based activity

Where: Camp Robert L. Boucher, Ephrata WA

When: Oct 5-7

Why: To have FUN while spending time practicing the skills necessary to run a good squadron cadet program, to meet other seniors who enjoy the military aspects of CAP as well as the Cadet Program, and to have time to talk together and find the mentor that you need to further your CAP career.

Much like cadet encampment, classes include custom and courtesies, formations, drill, CAP resources, mentorship, leadership styles and when to use each one, as well as professional development for you individually.

Again, like encampment, activities will be done in a team environment, allowing you to learn from each other. Saturday night’s BBQ will give time for friendships to be made and Sunday’s Honor Flight Competition will bring together all that you have learned and practiced. You will be surprised at how competitive you and your team will become and how much you will have learned.

Cost: $50 for the weekend will include food and lodging. You will need to bring bedding and towels as well as toiletries.

Uniform: Polo, but please bring blues & utility uniform for the uniform class

Registration: To register, go to https://wawgcap.regfox.com/wama-grey-falcon

Deadline to Register is 28 September.

Cadre: Senior Cadre members are still needed. If you would like to help out, please contact 1Lt Allison Comstock at Allison.comstock@wawg.cap.gov. As Director, he can also answer any questions you may have. Hope to see you there!