12-14 October


Opening & Redesignation Weekend

12-14 Oct 2018

Camp Robert L. Boucher, Ephrata WA

This weekend will kick off the training year for the Washington All Mission Academy. It will also include a Redesignation Ceremony, de-activating ESTA and activating the new Washington All Mission Academy (WAMA). Please plan to attend this important weekend as either as a student, staff member, or as an attendee at the ceremony.

The Training Weekend will be a full one with classes for both cadets and senior members. The following classes are being offered:

AE- All you ever wanted to know about Parachutes! Class will cover parachutes from history and physics to hands-on projects. Students will recreate historical versions of chutes as well as modern ones. A session with a Skydiver and his equipment will get students up close and personal with the expert who will arrive by his parachute (weather permitting). Class limited to 20 students.

CPNCO School (NCOS) will be held to strengthen the skills of cadets in the grades of SRA and higher. This course is part of the Pacific Region Integrated Leadership Program. It stresses the fundamental aspects of professionalism, evaluation methods and intermediate leadership laboratory skills. Cadets can expect to improve their confidence as well as their ability to drill a flight, and evaluate another cadet in drill and in inspection. All are skills that should help at squadrons as well as encampments. Class limited to 20 students.

ESGround Team 3 and UDF training will be conducted. Students will enjoy the October weather while learning to locate emergency beacons, use compasses and maps, learn hot and cold weather hazards and how to treat them, and personal equipment requirements. Pre-requisites are GES card, and Unit Commander’s signature is eservices entering student into training status. Class is limited to 20 students.

WAMA 101 – This class is for members new to CAP. It will include an introduction to Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs. Members will become familiar with the WWII history of the Ephrata Army Air Base which is now the Ephrata Municipal Airport and the location of our Camp Robert L. Boucher. O’flights are planned (weather and funding permitting). Training will be given in Mission Staff Assistant as well as DFAC. Class is limited to 10 students.

Redesignation Ceremony will be held at 3pm on Saturday. We expect our Wing Commander as well as many local dignitaries and members who have attended ESTA over the years to be a part of the celebration. All students will take part in the Ceremony. Events planned include a Skydiver delivering the flag to the Color Guard, Speakers, Cadet Parade, building tours, and reception. Visitors may want to attend a no host dinner downtown after the reception.

All Classes are open to all members. Register early to get the class that you want.