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3-5 April 2020


Purpose:  Mission Pilot Ground School (Note current Mission Pilots that would like to attend to refresh their MP qualifications are also welcome)

Minimum Requirements: 

1)   Must have completed ICS 100, 200, 700 & ICUT

2)   Have a minimum of 200 hours PIC flight time logged

3)   Have a current CAPF 5 by the first week of May 2020

4)   Must have your Mission Scanner Rating

5)   50 hours of logged Cross-Country time as PIC

6)   Have Squadron Commander Approval Prior to taking the Training

7)   Completed Aircraft Ground Handling Online Training by the time you begin your training sorties

 Uniform:  CAP Polo and Gray Pants, CAP Aviator or AF Blue Uniform

Cost:  To Be Announced


1)   Email Lt Col Bill Gibbs at no later than March 11, 2020.  Bill will notify you if you are accepted to attend the Mission Pilot Ground School.

2)   When the April WAMA Open Registration Announcement is sent out register for the Mission Pilot Ground School