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7-9 December 2018

                                WASHINGTON ALL MISSION ACADEMY

                                                7-9 DECEMBER

                                    Camp Robert L. Boucher, Ephrata WA

Training will be offered in 5 different areas: Administration and Personnel Seminar, Basic Instructor
School, First Aid and CPR, Astronomy, and Intro to WAMA. This is the only time that First Aid is
scheduled this year so if you need a renewal or to obtain a card for the first time, plan to sign up quickly.
Here are the details.

First Aid and CPR Class – passing this class awards the American Heart Association (AHA) card that
meets the Emergency Services requirements and is good for 2 years. The instructor, Maj Brian Paul, is
donating his time but there is a charge from the AHA of $20. The class will be both classroom and
practical demonstration of the skills necessary to save a life. Lt Col Moore will augment the class with
Field First Aid appropriate to Ground Teams and aircrew. Class is designed for both cadet and senior
members. Take advantage of this opportunity to obtain or renew these so important skills. Class is
limited to 25 students.

Space Environment and Astronomy – Module 5 and use of STEM kits. During this weekend, we will
cover contents from the Aerospace Dimension Module 5: Space Environment as well as the Astronomy –
Aerospace Education Excellence Module. All the way from the Big Bang, we will review the scientific
view on the formations of the universe and the first stars, of our Solar System, then of our Earth and its
Moon. Students will also learn about optics and different types of telescopes. They will have the
opportunity to build a refractor telescope from a kit, and to make a Star-finder to help them identify
stars observed. Taking advantage of the late sunrises and early sunsets of winter times, students will
take out their star-finders, and telescopes, and the reflector telescope from the CAP Astronomy STEM
kit, to explore the night sky and locate various celestial objects and constellations. As we will just have
had a New Moon, it will be the best time of the month to observe faint objects because there is no
moonlight to interfere. Class limit is 20 students.

Basic Instructor Course (BIC) - for members wishing to improve their skills and/or to participate as
instructors at WAMA. This course will be based on the Basic Instructor Course in eServices but will also
add demonstration and feedback to help students improve their skills. Students should plan on
delivering 2 lessons to the class and to become proficient in developing lesson plans. These are useful
skills for all areas of CAP. Come learn how to be more comfortable talking in front of a group as well as
how to make your classes more interesting and interactive. This class is open to C/TSgt and above and
seniors of all grades. Class is limited to 16 students.

Intro to WAMA – This class is for members new to WAMA who would like to experience all areas of the
academy. It will include an introduction to Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet
Programs by accomplishing hands on activities. Students will become familiar with the history of the
Ephrata Army Air Base and WAMA by touring the Airport Museum. Cadets may also participate in
O’flights (weather permitting). Training will be given in Mission Staff Assistant if time allows. Seniors
should feel free to sign up for WAMA 101 also. Class is limited to 10 students.

Administration and Personnel Seminar - This course will generally encompass the skill sets found in
the Technician Level Specialty Tracks for Personnel and Administrative Officers. A review of critical CAP
regulations and best practices will be included, as well as discussions surrounding methods available to
simplify office management. Tips on navigating through eServices will also be presented and “hands on”
instruction will be provided. This course is not limited to members who are assigned as Administration
or Personnel Officers but is open to all seniors. Cadets who have attained the grade of C/MSgt or higher
are also encouraged to participate. Class is limited to 10 students.

Free time is available Saturday evening to socialize, play games, or do homework.