Washington All Mission Academy (WAMA) Monthly Training Assemblies (MTAs) were created to support of training for both senior and cadet members of Washington and neighboring wings. Training is in the three main missions of CAP; Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, and Emergency Services, as well as Professional Development.
WAMA is held on the 2nd weekend of each month. 
For more information about who we are and what we do, email us at wama@wawg.cap.gov.

2019 - 2020 Training Schedule
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 Professional Development & Other Training
 Aerospace Education, Cyber, & STEM Training Cadet &
Cadet Programs Training 
Flying, Emergency Services, & Communications

 Facility Work Party   Cadet Staff Training/Selection   Glider O-Flights
23 - 25 Aug

       Glider O-Flights

Closes 6 Sept, 8 PM

Wreath's Across America

 Cyber Patriot Lab

Cadet Competition Class 
WMIRS Course
Glider O-Flights 
20 - 22 Sep


 Unit Commander's Course

 Squadron Leadership School  Non-Powered Flight  Cadet NCO School
 sUAS 101

Glider O-Flights

 Corporate Learning Course  Model Rocketry  C/Airman Leadership School  Intro. Comm. User Training (ICUT)

 Training Leaders of Cadets  Astronomy/Space    First Aid
10 - 12 Jan
Training TBD
7 - 9 Feb
Training TBD
13 - 15 Mar
Training TBD
10 - 12 Apr
Training TBD
8 - 10 May
Training TBD
12 - 14 June

 Desert Sage:
Basic Rifle Marksmanship Training (Instructed by
WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife)
10 - 12 Jul

 WAMA Staff Weekend

After Action Discussion

Planning for Next School Year
15 - 31 Jul

       Desert Eagle XVI Flight Academy

WAMA Monthly Training Assembly (MTA) Information

20:00 - 21:00 Friday

Extended Check-In
07:30 Saturday

13:30 Sunday

Camp Robert L. Boucher
50 Airport Street, NE
Ephrata, WA

$45.00 + $3 Registration fee - Payment through RegFox online registration

Cost includes the following:
- Overnight Stay at Camp Robert L. Boucher
- Dining Facility (DFAC)
- Food/Hydration

- CAP Membership Card (or temporary from eServices)
- CAP-101 Card (ES class)
- Curry Award or Level 1 Completed*
*GES CAPT-116 Online test completion (for active field training)

All: Utility Uniform per CAPM 39-1 OR per class information

All: Utility Uniform or Polo per CAPM 39-1
*Unless otherwise approved

Packing List

Camp Robert L. Boucher