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13 - 15 MAY 2022

AE- Electricity & Circuitry, Electronics, Intro to Programming 
During this weekend, cadet and senior member students will learn about electricity, electrical circuits, then electronics and will be introduced to programming in Python. For those who might prefer, it is also possible to program in a block interface MakeCode.
For this weekend, we recommend that members come with their laptop or ChromeBook (TO BE USED IN CLASS ONLY) to be able to access the Micro:Bit programming platform.
After exploring simple electrical circuits with the Snaptricity CAP STEM kit and other hands-on materials, 
We will switch to the Cyber.Org breadboard activities to learn the basics of circuitry with real-life equipment. 
From there, we will transition towards electronics, and we will finish with some Python programming on the Micro:Bit.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions: sylvie.kacmarcik@wawg.cap.gov.  
Maj Kacmarcik's classes are always very interactive and fun.  

PD - Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) 
It is a Compliance Inspection Item that each squadron have at least 2 adult members who have completed the TLC course.  To received credit for the Quality Cadet Unit Award a squadron needs to have at least 3 members with this credit.  

Lt Col Tim Kelley from Wing HQ/CP will lead this class for Senior Members who work with cadets.  Target Audience is new adult volunteers, adult volunteers serving in positions below squadron deputy commander and veteran CP officers seeking refresher training on the Cadet Program. The class will include the Cadet Program vision, program elements and the outcomes each produces and an explanation of the cadet promotion process.  It will also explain the roles and responsibilities of cadet programs officers serving at the squadron level, with special regard to leadership dynamics, as the adult's role changes when the cadet staff's readiness changes.  The Cadet Great Start program, weekly meetings and activities and using the Quality Cadet Unit Award as a self-assessment and managerial tool will also be discussed.  This class involves a lot of sharing of best practices from our different squadrons.  Plan to have at least one member from your squadron attend. On Sunday morning, members will review the Cadet Specialty track tasks.   

ES - Flight Line Marshalling 
As we get ready for the busy flying season, it is important that we train members to help out by becoming Flight Line Marshallers.  From guiding aircraft to their assigned parking areas, to refueling, and finally to tying down aircraft, Marshallers are a huge help to our pilots.  From start up procedures to shut down and chocking procedures, there is much to learn.  For those members, both senior and cadet, who love to be out on a  flight line, this is the class for you.  Class is limited to 20 people and those individuals need to have a GES 101 card and their Commanders must have signed off prerequisites before date of the training.  Flight Line Marshallers are going to be needed at SkyFest in Arlington in Aug as well as at many other flight lines around our Wing.  Come and learn from Maj Wittenberg and his team of trainers.

ES - Mission Radio Operator -  Class size limited to 8 students.
As a future Mission Base radio operator, your function ensures all ground and air communication is logged and information passed accurately to the Incident Commander (IC).  Students will use a base radio, practicing correct radio procedures, and accomplishing as many MRO training tasks as possible.  The intent is to provide a good understanding of an MROs duties and make completing the tasks easier for their home squadrons.

Come be part of the Dining Facility Team and learn some cooking skills while providing a valuable service to our fellow CAP members.  Skills covered include menu planning, food preparation, serving, kitchen sanitation, and teamwork.  Heavy emphasis is on team communications, working with a team, and ultimately, leading the team.  Attention to detail, good listen skills and follow through are required for this course.  Come help us display our core value of Volunteer Service this month.  This course is limited to 5 students.  Early registration is encouraged.