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10 - 12 JUNE 2022

During this week-end, cadet and senior member participants will explore the topic of bridge engineering in the aerospace industry. After an historic overview of the evolution of bridges through time, we will look into the physics of bridges and the different types of bridges using a variety of hands-on activities and computer simulations.
Grouped in teams, students will design their own bridge to answer the dilemmas presented by the situation they will be given. To enhance the challenge, each team will have to create a different type of bridge than the other teams. They will use the CAP STEM kit for Bridge Building to construct their bridge on Saturday. On Sunday morning, stress tests will be run to identify faults in the designs and find alternative solutions to reinforce their bridges. Come ready to explore and have fun !
For this weekend, we recommend that participants come with their own laptop, netbook, or tablet (TO BE USED IN CLASS ONLY) to be able to run some bridge engineering simulations.

PD -
The Gray Falcon Course is a Senior Member experience designed to be an interactive fun course to answer your questions about being a senior member and to fit-in.  It is also designed to help Officers be a role model in-front of our Cadets and the public.  Gray Falcon is a great opportunity to network with other Senior members from a variety of Squadrons.  Topics include learning more about Uniform Wear, Military Customs and Courtesies, basic formations and Marching, Partnering with Cadets, Followership, Leadership, and Working with Teens/Adolescent Development.

CP - CADET LEADERSHIP & DEVELOPMENT - Join us to dive deeper into the leadership aspect of the Cadet Program. Through hands-on activities, successes, failures, and examples, cadets will gain a better understanding of who they are as a leader and what type of leader they want to become. Cadets of all experience levels will gain a sense of who they are as a leader that can be applied within and outside of Civil Air Patrol. By gaining a sense of a diverse range of leadership styles and skills, cadets will better be prepared to work with many types of leaders from various backgrounds.

This class will benefit cadets preparing for the Wright Brothers Exam as well as those preparing for the Leadership Portion of the Mitchell Exam.  Come and get a head start on your own personal leadership journey.

ES - FLIGHT LINE MARSHALLING - As we get ready for the busy flying season, it is important that we train members to help out by becoming Flight Line Marshallers.  From guiding aircraft to their assigned parking areas, to refueling, and finally to tying down aircraft, Marshallers are a huge help to our pilots.  From start-up procedures to shut down and chocking procedures, there is much to learn.  For those members, both senior and cadet, who love to be out on a  flight line, this is the class for you.  Class is limited to 15 people and those individuals need to have a GES 101 card and their Commanders must have signed off prerequisites before date of the training.  Flight Line Marshallers are going to be needed at SkyFest in Arlington in Aug as well as at many other flight lines around our Wing.  Come and learn from Lt Col Treat and his team of trainers.

PD - BASIC DFAC TRAINING - Come be part of the Dining Facility Team and learn some cooking skills while providing a valuable service to our fellow CAP members.  Skills covered include menu planning, food preparation, serving, kitchen sanitation, and teamwork.  Heavy emphasis is on team communications, working with a team, and ultimately, leading the team.  Attention to detail, good listen skills and follow through are required for this course.  Come help us display our core value of Volunteer Service this month.  This course is limited to 5 students.  Early registration is encouraged.