Washington All Mission Academy (WAMA) Monthly Training Assemblies (MTAs) were created to support of training for both senior and cadet members of Washington and all other wings. Training is in the three main missions of CAP; Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, and Emergency Services, as well as Professional Development. 
WAMA is held on the 2nd weekend of each month. 
For more information about who we are and what we do, email us at wama@wawg.cap.gov.

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2021 - 2022 Training Schedule
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Professional Development (E&T) & Other Training

 Aerospace Education, STEM, & Cyber Training

Cadet &
Cadet Programs Training 

Flying, Emergency Services, & Communications
10-12 SEP 2021


Open to SMs and Cadets C/SrA and above.

Civil Engineering - Towers & the 9/11 Spirit of America Site Tour

Enrollment limited to 20 Cadets

Basic Marksmanship Training

Enrollment limited to 20 Cadets 



8-10 OCT 2021    IN PERSON  EVENT
3 OCT 21
11 PM

DFAC Course

Open to SMs and Cadets C/A1C and above.

See Course Description by clicking on the link above.

Cyber Security

See Course Description by clicking on the link above.

Cadet Competition Course

See Course Description by clicking on the link above.

 Instructors from Fairchild AFB Honor Guard tentatively scheduled.

ICUT/MRO Training

See Course Description by clicking on the link above.

Glider Orientation Flights
See Course Description by clicking on the link above.
12-14 NOV 21
   IN PERSON        EVENT      (Tentatively)

10 OCT

  Personnel and Admin Class
Limited to 5 SMs and/or Cadet Officers.

DFAC Course

Open to SMs and Cadets C/A1C and above.
    Model Rocketry

       Watch for more information to be posted.
          Cadre Training 101

  Watch for more information                      to be posted.

10-12 DEC 21

   IN PERSON           EVENT        (Tentatively)


DFAC Course



Watch for more information to be posted.
Cadre Training 102

Watch for more information to be posted.

WAMA Monthly Training Assembly (MTA) Information

The Washington All Mission Academy (WAMA) meets the second complete weekend of each month from September through June each year.  Each month classes are offered to both cadets and senior members in each of the 3 mission areas (Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education and Emergency Services.  We also offer Professional Development classes needed by our members and orientation flights to our cadets whenever possible.  WAMA's purpose is to further our wing's accomplishment of annual goals and to aid in member retention.   By clicking on the underlined date in the first column above, you will find the details of the courses offered that month.  Registration opens approximately a month prior to the weekend and closes on the Sunday before the weekend.   

Friday Evening - 1900-2100 Hours - Please advise Staff if you are unable to report in by 2100 Hours.  (509) 754-3273                                                                                                            

Extended Check-In:  
Saturday Morning - 0700-0730 Hours

Afternoon - 1400 Hours (Approximately)

50 Airport Street NE - Ephrata, WA 98823 (Ephrata Municipal Airport - Camp Robert L. Boucher)
Telephone Number:  (509) 754-3273

Cost:   $45.00 for the weekend *    
Cost includes the following:
Billeting Friday & Saturday evenings.
All meals Saturday & Sunday (total of 5 meals and snacks)
Course materials & equipment unless otherwise specified when registering.
When registering, you will have the options of paying with a credit card, bringing cash/check to sign in, or units may pay for members with a Unit Funds Transfer Request.  

*Senior Members may billet off-site with a reduced fee.  See Registration in Reg-Fox for details.

Prerequisites to attend WAMA:
- CAP Membership Card (or temporary from eServices)
- Curry Award (Cadets) or Level 1 (Senior Members)
- CAPF 60-80 (Cadets under age 18)
- CAPF 160 - All Members - Required when you are registering for the first time during the 2021-22 season
- CAPF 161 - All Members - Required when you are registering for the first time during the 2021-22 season
- CAPF 163 - Cadets under age 18 - Required when you are registering for the first time during the 2021-22 season
- CAPF101 - ES Card (ES classes only, when offered)
*GES CAPT-116 Online test completion (for active field training, when offered)
- *Other GES testing may be required.  See Course Description for details or requirements.
On-line GES testing is available on-site on Friday evening.

All: Utility Uniform (FULL ABUs) per CAPR 39-1 OR per class information.  Include jackets and gloves during cold weather periods.

All: Utility Uniform (ABU or Blue Corporate Field Uniform), Corporate Polo, Class "B" Blues, or Corporate Aviator Style per CAPR 39-1*
*Flight Suits are not authorized unless participating in actual flight training or flight operations (Orientation Flights, Check Rides, etc.).

Transportation arrangements to Camp Boucher and for the return trip is the responsibility of each member attending the activity.  Unit Commanders/Deputy Commanders for Cadets are encouraged to coordinate the transportation among there members.  All members who have registered are listed in Unit order in the "Registrant List" Tab.  Multiple units within a close proximity of each other are encouraged to work together to coordinate transportation and to utilize Corporate vehicles (COV) available.  Members operating COVs MUST have a CAP Drivers License.  Fuel expenses will be at the Unit or member's expense.  Fuel expenses incurred during the WAMA session will be reimbursed to the Unit to which the vehicle is issued.  Registrants, Unit Commanders, and Deputy Commanders for Cadets will be provided with a link to a carpool coordination site.

- See Course Information, also.


Camp Robert L. Boucher